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Give today to journey with our neighbors in need

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Building community through connection

Rose had just finished paying her husband's funeral expenses when she got her first electric disconnection notice in the mail. After several weeks, more utility bills began to pile up on her kitchen table as she struggled to make sense of them all; her husband had always taken care of them. We met with Rose, shared tears, paid her impending disconnections, and helped her understand her utility bills. We also created a budget with her, and after seeing her current situation would keep her in debt, we helped her find a new apartment so she wasn't in the hole every month. It was a welcome change - she said her old residence held too many painful memories. We prayed together, made a plan together, and walked with her as she began managing the new changes in her life. After receiving some special gifts for her new apartment, she gripped the steering wheel in her car declaring, "Thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you!"